JP coin on optimism kovan and mainnet

TL;DR I aimed to use Superfluid and Optimism to shape a bottom-up economy. #fail. But to be Optimistic: I learned Hardhat!


There are many places where the system for free market and capitalism doesn’t work. Progress should come from local initiatives and collaboration among peers. Can we create a bottom-up economy based on learning and development to enable more progress? My idea was to use the Superfluid SDK and Optimism infrastructure but I failed and just deployed a token on Kovan and Mainnet.

JP coin on optimism kovan and mainnet showcase

How it's made

Despite I am following Ethereum since 2017, I am not a programmer by profession. Since this year I am actively learning te become a coder and I saw this hackathon as a great opportunity to take a deep-dive. It was awesome! I have learned a lot about the Superfluid SDK, Optimism and deploying contracts. Also, I am very happy that I learned to use the Hardhat framework. Although I have not build anything useful yet, I do aim to improve, learn more and come back to BUIDL. Thanks!