Problem: Many activities such as air travel cause climate-damaging CO₂ emissions. Climate change and global warming are significant challenges of the 21st century. Kyoto Protocol (1997) regards the market mechanism as a way to solve the greenhouse gas emission reduction problem and therefore carbon dioxide emission is considered a commodity- forming a transparent carbon trading system. Our solution: Carbon offsetting allows companies or individuals to reduce carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from carbon reduction projects. These projects include planting trees, avoiding deforestation, investing in renewable energy, and carbon capture. KlimSalaBim enables users to reduce their carbon footprint by buying Carbon certificates and retiring them using Toucan smart contracts. After calculating your flight’s CO₂ footprint in the first step, KlimSalaBim offers you the opportunity to balance your determining carbon footprint through Toucan Protocol. This means that every ton of emissions that your travels emit are absorbed from the atmosphere elsewhere. It is financially supported by you as you deposit $MATIC and everyone has the chance to contribute to a long-term reduction of global carbon emissions. In the ideal case, this creates a balance between emitted and compensated emissions.

Klim Sala Bim showcase

How it's made

Architecture: Toucan helper contracts for retiring carbon certificates KlimSalaBim smart contracts accumulate the total emissions UI - Next.js, React, HTML/CSS Smart Contract - Solidity, Toucan Protocol Helper Contracts Programmable Cashflows - Superfluid (Future roadmap) Backend - web3.js, Node.js Art Design - Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator Testnet - Mumbai Polygon, Polygon Mainnet (Future roadmap) Tools - Brownie, Coinbase SDK, Metamask