🚀 BOOSTERS launch Advertising campaigns to BOOST their content INFLENSERS mirror and share advertised content to earn based on the size of their audience 💰 Reach your target and pay out INFLENSERS who have boosted your content. Profiles can maximise their audiences by boosting advertising or relevant posts that they want to disseminate reaching different communities, spread across the world Inflensers are motivated to share “boosted” contents with their own followers to be rewarded. They just have to push the “Boost” button and be redirected to a modal where they decide how much budget they’d like to allocate using Superfluid and the target (how many users). By doing so, they block the amount of liquidity that will be distributed to the sharing users at the end of the campaign, based on their followers portion of the total amount of followers of the sharing users. More transparent: know exactly how much your sharer will earn More efficient: 1 dai for 100 followers (1:100) Community based Democratic Platform agnostic: Boost everything you want, everywhere!

Lens Booster showcase

How it's made

We've build a way to boost Lens Post by mirroring them and creating an instant distribution with Superfluid on Polygon (Mumbai). The frontend is mainly an advertising marketplace on top of Lens, built in React and Chakra UI. Using Apollo and gql to get data from Lens. Using Superfluid Instant Distributions, advertisers can boost posts and put a budget that is distributed to subscribers when the funds are released.