The goal of this project is to create a framework where two or more DAOs can have a Joint Venture. A Joint Venture is a partnership where the participants agree on progressing (developing, designing, marketing etc.) a product together and sharing the proceeds of it. This is quite a common occurrence in the traditional corporate world and it would make sense for DAOs to have joint ventures on products that lie in the intersections between their domains. Participating DAOs get a pre-defined revenue split of the JV profits that can be adjusted through a vote.

LimeDJV showcase

How it's made

LimeDJV (Decentralized Joint Ventures) is a simple framework that consists of a single smart contract (factory) that creates joint ventures with pre-defined 50/50 voting power and revenue split. The project's front end is built on Next.js. The demo app is deployed on the Rinkeby test net.