Hello, Each of us leaves a lot of reviews on multitude of sites! These reviews add great value to services such google maps, and other platforms but reviewers rarely get any benefit from it. Not anymore, not in the world of web3! My project integrates the UMA KPI options with to bring you a review system that gives you tokens based on number of people you have helped, here is how it would work. The idea is to use UMA KPI options and Lens protocol to build a social platform which incentivises leaving helpful and meaningful reviews. The KPI of the UMA optimistic oracle is defined as "Number of people" you have helped today and the more that number, the more long tokens you get to have. In order to attract users, initially the collateral token amount can be higher and number of people helped (KPI) goal can be set less so that more rewards can be distributed. Combing UMA along with creates many exciting opportunities!

Love It? Hate It? Review  It!  showcase

How it's made

I am using ERC20 smart contract as contract for token (soldity), the rest is just integrating and UMA KPI options upon certain user actions such as leaving a review, searching for a review and upvoting a review. Unfortunately due to time constraints not everything was completed but hope a clear picture can derived from the demo presentation.