NGOs and traditional organizations operate globally as a sum of entities bound to national/local legal frameworks. International coordination is often ascribed to “Secretariats” which operate under several constraints, both financial and operational. Legal representation at the international level has vacuums that web3 could definitely explore more. a MaNFTesto is a container NFT where other Article NFTs can be added, upVoted and downVoted by a given token-gated community (TGC).

MaNFTesto Dapp showcase

How it's made

this Dapp relies on two contracts written in solidity ^0.8 and compiled on the Remix IDE and a Ethers.js + React front End. I hacked alone in Amterdam and received some help from my Remix friend David Zagi from Nigeria for the front end. For the sake of Disclosure: this project contrains elements of a previous project I worked on with Remix and RockyMountain PBS. Despite its structural similarity, MaNFTesto still differs in some key features and Product Design thinking.