A tokenised prescription NFT that will counteract fake or counterfeit prescriptions.


i intended to build an NFT for counteracting fake prescriptions on the Tatum platform. Each patient would have a unique NFT for each prescription. This would serve as a decentralised identity to the patient. Even in the case of lost or stolen prescriptions, the NFT would need to be accessed before a prescripton is issued. The NFT will be minted after the prescription is filled. I also intended to use a an NFT minted video with the Live Peer platform. Both the NFT and NFT minted video would stimulate a two factor authentication for receiving and confirming prescriptions. I would have liked to implemented wallet connect which provides a SDK for further wallets other than metamask. My initial wallet of choice was AMBIRE since it had smart features. However, I struggled to connect it. I would like to continue working on the project after the Hackathon

MediFind showcase

How it's made

I obtained a demo template from Tatum on a previous NFT project. Changes were made to the CSS styling and HTML heading. New boxes using HTML were added for specific prescription form details such as name, Date of Birth etc. An account was created on Tatum which provided two API keys. The API key was inputted into the required location on VS code. Free faucets were obtained on Chain link through a metamask wallet. So, I usee the Tatum API, VS code and a Metamask wallet. Using Tatum meant minimum code was necessary on the front end. It also provided access to API which would have called the NFT.