NFTwin is a dApp tool that can be used to track the authenticity of physical goods using blockchain technology.


NFTwin is going to try and solve a big issue in a lot of industries these days, the authenticity of goods. There is a lot of fraud going on in for example the fashion industry where goods are copied and reproduced at a lower price. In the last couple of years, blockchain technologies have solved the problem of digital authenticity, but we still are stuck with the problem of the physical authenticity of products. NFTwin is aiming to solve this problem using blockchain technology in combination with physical NFC tags. Where every NFC tag has a unique ID that will be linked to a digital representation in the form of an NFT.

NFTwin showcase

How it's made

We will be implementing a react native NFC writer/reader to interact with the NFC tag that will be attached to a physical good. The NFC tag will have a UID that we can use to store it as metadata of an ERC-721 token on the BOBA network. The smart contracts will be written in Solidity. We are also going to make a dashboard wherein companies can mint the NFT and include the UID of the NFC chips. For this dashboard, we are going to use Vue.js and Ethers.js. The last aspect of the project will be an app that can verify if the NFC chip is authentic, we are using React and ... for this part.