ngmi Protocol

ngmi Protocol is a Decentralized Finance Trust Fund aimed at serving your interest irrespective of making it or not.


WAGMI of course, no doubt about it. At the cutting edge of technological achievement and socio-political possibility people tend to be full of hope, some insomuch that they genuinely adopt an unflinching belief that their own immortality is just around the corner. That is a possibility. Probability however cannot ignore that "since the beginning of time" there is little to show as to sustain the thesis that anyone has so far made it. Irrespective in what camp you fall yourself, believer or not, Not Gonna Make It affords you the luxury of growing your bags and dictating their dispersal in case of permanent inconveniences that hinder the prospect of active management.

ngmi Protocol showcase

How it's made

You create a "Will" with configurable beneficiaries, dispersal quantum and welfare check intervals. If more time elapses since your last active interaction with the protocol than the configured interval, the possibility of executing a function openning a superfluid stream to beneficiaries, by any third party becomes available. That third party receives a small tip. It uses Superfluid for the control of the stream. It uses yearn vaults to accrue yield on the assets.