Nimi is your web3 profile page! Deploy to your ENS domain with Nimi. Fetch your profile data from twitter, and you'll have your decentralized hosted profile page up in no time! Nimi combines ENS, IPFS and Lens together, making it easy for users to host content on their ENS domain.

Nimi.eth showcase

How it's made

Nimi connects to users' web3 browser wallets, then pulls the ENS domains owned by the address as well as the ENS node id. We then fetch user data from twitter via their API v2 (optional) to pre-populate fields. Once the user has finished populating their profile, we build the site on the backend, then upload and pin it on IPFS via Pinata. The content hash is then returned to the client-side, which will trigger a transaction to 'setContentHash' on the corresponding ENS site we want to deploy the page on. IPFS allows us to host the website data on web3, WalletConnect allows users to easily connect to our site, The Graph querying ENS data, and Lens for integrating Nimi as a web3 social media profile page.