PFPnative allows anyone to launch a generative collection. We love generative pixelated PFPs and want every community to be able to make their own in just a few clicks. We allow people to create their custom sprites (little pixelated body parts) and create collections that can be distributed to their community. We also make it easy to bootstrap a treasury by setting a mint price.

PFPnative showcase

How it's made

We used WalletConnect for wallet sign-in and Optimism to deploy our smart contracts. One of the interesting things we did is that we used the Nouns SDK to compose our own unique PFPs. The app is fully functional, nothing is mocked. We build this in 12h. The interesting thing is that (as with nouns) we're storing the PFPs entirely on-chain (nothing is on IPFS). This allows us to create really unique and unguessable random PFPs on mint.