In this project we built an alternative (improved) version of POAP. We started this project after the POAP group refused to mint us tokens, so we set out to build our own version. Moreover we use IPFS to store the data of the NFTs and anyone can stream money using superfluid to the holders of the pocs (proof of community). The minting is also permission-less and The tokens can be deployed on any chain supported by superfluid including xDAI. We see this as an interesting easy way to manage DAO payrolls by letting members mint tokens. The flo showcase

How it's made

The project web application is made using nextjs. We have a server connected to an EOA to mint the token in a free way for the user (like poap) as well as a DB to cache some information. We use docker and docker compose to bundle everything together and serve it via aws. The smart contracts were written using hardhat with alchemy rpc providers. The data was uploaded to IPFS using The poc contract was inspired by the superfluid example of cash flow. The video demo was performed on the optimism testnet.