Helping developers fundraise for their projects by creating a Radicle Drip from their CLI and receiving notifications via EPNS. Currently, when developers want to raise funds for their projects, they need to go outside of their developing environment and follow cumbersome steps and processes in specific apps (think Github Sponsors or Patreons in web2; Mirror or any NFT project in web3). This project extends the Radicle CLI by enabling developers to create a Radicle Drip straight from the Radicle CLI. Drips are flexible funding solutions that facilitate payment processing - either in upfront batch or in recurrent payments. This Drip will enable investors/patrons to finance such developers' projects from the Drip app. Upon getting dripped, developers will get notified through EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification System), directly via their iOS app or Chrome extension.

> rad drip showcase

How it's made

The hack consists of two components: 1. Extension of the public radicle CLI. 2. Node.js server to query drip balances and trigger EPNS. The CLI extension is written in rust. Here we are connecting to Wallet Connect to query the daiDripsHub contract using ethersRS to trigger e.g. the "give" function. The node server uses the drip address we create via the CLI. We created a runner in the node server that checks the balance of the drip regularly. Here we use a subgraph from the Graph. If the balance change between the calls we trigger notification via EPNS and alerts the developer, through his Chrome extension or iOS app.