This project allows you to launch DAOs with a set differentiated percentage for each type of contributor. This allows us to align incentives for future contributors to fully get the value of their work without these be diluted by previous early contributors that might have created the free-rider problem. Instead of having to create a differentiated token for each contributor pool, we can launch within this platform a variety of NFT types for distinct contributors. Also, in any given season you can choose the token issuance matching to the demand for different types of work Our current IP systems are siloed and value extractive. In order to be able to combat climate change, fast fashion, and longevity, we need regenerative systems that reward long term contributors. Researchers submit their research towards topics, while their peers critically review impact of their work to incentivize collaborative problem solving. With an inflationary token that allows in the moment decision making about emission rates, IP ownership is distributed to researchers who have made the most impact in their fields. We can propose voting to redefine the particular pool that receives the value of the issuance In a cohort-based education DAO usually all pools get rewarded for their contributions yet if the DAO takes a season to restructure the curriculum and mentors are not participating we choose to re-structure the distribution and contributors get. larger share of the pie for their work during that season

Regen DAO Builder showcase

How it's made

Solidity, react, we will in the future integrate with superfluid and radicle drips for continuous streams of income. This app is built using Solidity, Hardhat and React. It is a DAO builder which enables a DAO to provide dilutionary token distribution to specific roles and contributor classes. Metadata from the ERC721s are used to calculate the token emissions schedule.