This project is to help people be able to own and share their credentials with organizations or schools without going through the tediously long verification process every time. People will earn badges once their credentials have been verified manually by agents. Some badges are lifetime accessible and valid like learning records or diplomas, others would be expired such as language certificates. Those credentials would be encrypted and stored on IPFS which can be verified by anyone you share with.

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How it's made

This project uses ChainlinkClient to connect the back office api and access to the off-chain data to facillate the process for validating credentials. This enable Scroll be able to issue the NFT badges to the users. The badge can be seen as a ticket that required by third parties to allow users to enter some programs or acquire job opportunities. Besides, all of the data according to the learning records or credentials etc. are encrypted and stored on IPFS. Once users have badges and all the records on chain, they don't have to go through cubersome verification process each time when they need to show the evidence of credentials.