Our disconnect-to-earn mechanism allows people to be more attentive and present in social situations. To get $ZYA tokens, you join an IRL event, scan a Serenity Pool QR code and connect your wallet to start the timer. You can only earn tokens while the device is not in use. The moment you start disconnecting from your phone and connecting with your environment, you start collecting time off. The Pool factor ensures that you and your environment win collectively, as a community. Disconnection is measured by time off your phone.

Serenity Pool showcase

How it's made

At first, we built an idiosyncratic contract matching our business logic (called SerenityPool), which starts and stops the flow of ERC20 token ($ZYA) using Superfluid Protocol. The second contract comprises the ERC20 contract called ZayaToken which is also a Custom Native Super Token. As a second step, we used Remix to develop and run the transactions on Ethereum Goerli Testnet. In addition to that, we are using the OpenZeppelin libraries. We use Superfluid to control the token stream.