With Social Link, we like the follow-actions of users with their on-chain profile, enabling them to truly own all their social connections. The user configures the Social Link bot by authenticating their Twitter account and creating/ linking their lens profile. The information is stored in a trusted backend, which listens to Twitter follow events and calls a proxy contract that mints a follow NFT on behalf of the user for their profile. We split the code over 3 repos:

Social Link showcase

How it's made

The project consists of 3 parts: 1. A frontend based on Next.js and Tailwind, which enables the user to configure the bot and sign the delegation that lets the bot mint Follow NFT on their behalf. 2. A trusted Backend using ether.js, node,js, express.js which listens to Twitter Webhooks, which are triggered whenever the users followes/ unfollowes a new Twitter profile. 3. A smart contract that extends the mingwatch PR #45. The original PR supports delegation of most functions on Lens, except for the follow/ collect. We extended the PR to support the follow method as well. This "Account Management" is a new solution others will be able to build upon to build new delegation solutions, such as on Discord, but on Lens.