First there was Tweet DAO, owners of an NFT could post to a shared twitter account once a day. Now there's SpamDAO! Followers of a Lens profile can propose messages and partake in on-chain voting to approve or reject them. In the future we want to allow more sophisticated usecases like a community-based lending pool where members of the community can chip in and propose to borrow from the pool through solutions like

SpamDAO showcase

How it's made

We're using the delegation and voting capabilities of Lens Follower NFTs to drive the governance of a OpenZeppelin Governor DAO contract. We're using as the frontend of the DAO and to show the spam to the world! We were surprised how easy it would be to use the integrated delegation with the Governor contract and after some initial issues with the contract setup could get the first proposals submitted and voted on. We started implementing a frontend for the project but ran into time management issues and couldn't extend the deadline :P We had some issues with the lens API making our profile disappear when we moved it to the smartcontract and Tally being slow to index our proposals.