SplitConnect is an app for splitting expenses with your frens. It lets you and your frens add various bills and keep track of who owes who, and then it helps you to settle up with each other. The settle up of the billls is done using matic. Now frens can settle up their bills by simply adding their .ens name! With ConnectWallet and a few simple clicks you can settle your expenses among your frens.

SplitConnect showcase

How it's made

This project uses the following technologies to achieve its goal. Frontend: Is built with NextJS, ReactJS, Typescript and TailwindCSS. Using the Wallet Connect protocol to allow the users to connect their wallet and fetching the smart contract details using a custom Subgraph deployed in the Hosted Service of The Graph protocol. Backend (Blockchain): Solidity for development the smart contract deployed in the Polygon Mumbai Network. The Graph for fetching the smart contract metadata. In addition the conceptualization of the project was designed using Figma.