Interaction with newly created smart contracts can be scary. That's why we created stroopwallet. A smart contract wallet with disposable EOA accounts. Users can now interact with contracts with the risk of only the transaction value and not all account funds inside the smart wallet. On top of that, users earn yield on their deposited funds with the contract using ERC4626 to invest in enabled vaults. In the future, we plan to add time-based whitelist addresses, multiple yield strategies, batched transactions, and cross-network transactions.

StroopWallet showcase

How it's made

This project uses solidity to create a smart contract wallet that extends ERC20 and ERC4626 token standards. The contract allows for an underlying account to deposit assets which can then be inserted into a yield strategy. An account also contains a map of addresses which are authorized to make withdrawals from an account. This smart contract takes advantage of foundry for testing and deployment (to Optimism Kovan). Our custom UI build with react and ethersjs allows for EOAs to connect directly with the smart contract to withdrawal on an as needed basis, execute a transaction, and deposit back into the smart contract.