Liquidation interface built on top of the Voltz protocol (interest rate swap AMM). Enabling user to liquidate under margined positions and claim reward for such action or fund at-risk owned positions. Those positions are tracked by a bot which prioritises them according to the highest possibility of liquidations. The bot is further leveraging EPNS notifications to send images, which are previously uploaded to IPFS, to UI in order to inform about possible market opportunities or threats. User can connect to our interface via one of the most known wallet providers such as: WalletConnect, Web3Auth, Coinbase, Metamask.

SuperElectro showcase

How it's made

Node.js and Express.js on the backend. React and Typescript on the frontend. Both backend and frontend use Graphql to query Subgraph of Voltz. Ethers.js library is used to query the Voltz Smart Contracts. On the frontend, useDapp library powers the UX. EPNS notifications are used to notify subscribed frontends to opportunities and risks by the backend. IPFS is used to host images sent along the notifications. WalletConnect, Web3Auth, Coinbase, and Metamask wallets are used to identify the user.