Although the number of DAOs has increased dramatically over the last year, most of them still operate in isolation and are unable to synergise with other DAOs. The best solution to this is D2D token-swap to align incentives. But, most D2D token-swap today are executed by mouth binding, like manually sending tokens to each other and vesting agreement without vesting contract. This carry significant risk of crashing the token price and partnership. Tandem allows DAOs to seal long term D2D partnership by vesting contract and setup various deals by flexible token-swap deals.

Tandem showcase

How it's made

Our architecture leverages the Openzeppelin governance smart contracts. From our frontend (did not finish it) DAO members can submit token swap proposal directly to their governance contracts. The community will vote and if successful, it will create a token swap deal and deposit their tokens in our escrow contract. On the other side, the members of the partnering DAO will create a governance proposal and cast their vote regarding the same deal. If successful, the governance contract will accept it and it will transfer their tokens into the escrow contract. After the vesting period passes, they will be able to execute the deal and the tokens will be transferred to the other DAOs treasury.