Messages are temporary, but connections are forever. Tempra is your all-in-one instant messaging platform on-chain. Inspired by Snapchat, upload ephemeral photos and videos, or private message your frens. Tempra brings the uniqueness of burnable and exclusive content to the convenience of composable identities on Lens Protocol. We combined Lens Protocol with Lit Protocol and Livepeer, and deployed it all on Polygon Mumbai.

Tempra  showcase

How it's made

We started off by building an interactive front-end built from scratch in React. The UX/UI design was created by our designers using the Finity design system from Polygon, and our devs implemented the components. We used apollo to interact with the Lens api, and used ethersjs to interact with the LensHub smart contracts. The ephemeral stories are made possible through our custom updatable Lit Protocol that limits a user's ability to view content after a certain amount of time. This protocol also uniquely enables private messages between profiles created on the Lens Social Graph. Only the owner of the profile is able to decode the message. We used Livepeer to enable video stories on Lens. Users can use the frontend to upload mp4 videos to our backend express server, which transcodes the videos. After transcoding, the video is uploaded to IPFS using Livepeer’s video on demand API. The IPFS url is used to create a Lens post. For ultimate convenience on top of the usual metamask, we implemented WalletConnect and Coinbase wallet to allow users to seamlessly login to our dApp.