PoC for TheBridge Message Standard connecting Polygon Toucan protocol with Regen Ledger


Presentation and solution description: We propose a bridge message standard to be applied across different bridges and chains. For a proof of concept we: + bridge Toucan protocol (deployed on Polygon) TCO2 tokens with Regen Eco Credits + using a bridge controller smart contract to connect with a Axelar bridge service connecting Polygon and Regen Ledger + Regen Ledger as a Cosmos SDK with it's own token registry. Code: + Bridge controller implementing The Bridge Message Standard + fork of Regen Ledger (Cosmos SDK chain) with: + [`x/axelarbridge`]( module implementing the The Bridge Message Standard. + [`x/ecocredits handler`]( with custom logic handling the message to process TCO2 token registration. regen-ledger code diff: The solution can be also applied to any smart contract chain or Layer-2 (Evmos, Optimism, Juno, Agoric, Solana ....).

the-bridge-message-standard showcase

How it's made

Details about the solution: Summary: + we define a Message Protocol for Blockchain bridges. + we implement it on Polygon using Solidity and Cosmos SDK (in Regen Ledger) + we use Axelar as a transport (bridge) layer + we utilize Axelar `callContract` functionality to send messages between EVM chains + we utilize [Interchain Accounts]( for recording message in Cosmos Chains.