For new joiners entering into web3 community, they find it confusing and intimidating because there lacks direction for new joiners to navigate through the scattered resources of joining DAOs. DAOs also struggle to find, enable and continuously engage with quality contributors. The Bridge is the entry point for any new joiners of web3 community, where they will experience guided and meaningful onboarding into the DAO space. The Bridge let users use existing social accounts to connect wallet and start the journey. Users will answer a few questions around what excites them, what they are most confident about, and what they want to learn. The Bridge will recommend DAOs that are best fits based on their entries, and series of quests that guide users to learn by truly experiencing the DAO. Upon completion of a quest, users will receive an NFT that marks their reputation and knowledge. With access NFTs as signals, DAOs can be more efficient and more focused on their contributors.

TheBridge showcase

How it's made

Our application is built using React and NodeJS. We are using Vercel linked to our Github repository for deployment. For the our page to display quests, we have used a Notion page along with Typeform and Miro for initial operations. Skill wallet, discord and web3auth have been integrated for our DAO which will be the first point of contact for our users.