Web3 onboarding is broken When you’re new to web3, everyone tells you to “go contribute to a DAO” but it can be extremely difficult if you don’t know how. Poor discoverability. Information is scattered across numerous websites, Discords, Twitter, Notion, Medium and Mirror. This isn’t as much of a problem if you know what you’re looking for, but when you’re new, chances are you don’t. Lack of easily understandable content. To quote Albert Einstein, “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. More often than not, DAOs lack onboarding material, or the onboarding material is hard to comprehend. DAOs face a shortage of talent, and struggle with finding reliable contributors. We want to help people discover and contribute to DAOs that they will love. Knowing “what you’re getting into” is vital if you want to join or contribute to a DAO. Our solution Valaxy is an earn-to-learn DAO onboarding platform where users are awarded on-chain credentials - and if applicable native tokens - by watching videos and completing quizzes. How It Works (User discovers high level information about a DAO - not in scope) > User connects wallet > User watches a video or reads educational material > User takes a quiz and submits it by signing with wallet > User is awarded credential for completion (NFT) > IF applicable, a smart contracts trigger a small payment in the DAOs native token (“earn to learn”)

Valaxy showcase

How it's made

We lost 3 team members one day into the hack and didn’t manage to finish our submission. We created parts of an an educational course on Olympus DAO for the platform. However, our current stack consists of the following: FrontEnd: React and TailwindCSS BackEnd: MongoDB, graphQL, Blockchain, Solidity