The project was created for an iPhone and an Apple Watch to interact through QR codes. The initial idea was that the Apple Watch could make payments (for example, at an event like ETHAmsterdam) and also sign messages to prove that you own the account you sign from. This is useful to avoid taking out the mobile every time we want to make a payment using tokens, or prove that we have a certain NFT. As a practical example, the iPhone would be the payment terminal that a business, an event or a bar has. And the Apple Watch is where the user has his account to be able to make payments through signatures, either transactions or messages.

Watch my signing showcase

How it's made

The project uses rawTransactions to be able to send a signed transaction from the Apple Watch to a terminal. Said transaction can be mined in the blockchain without the need for further interaction by the user. The same thing happens when we sign messages from the user's account. Being also a payment system, we benefit from a fast and low fees L2 such as Optimism.