There is no good tool to organize, manage and share your whitelists. Google Sheets works but it is messy and manual giving people no easy way to assess whether they made it to the whitelist. Furthermore, for more advanced whitelisting use cases users might want to set a multiple set of criteria from various different sources, e.g. activity on discord, contributions to GitHub, and/or following and support on social media. During this hackathon, I built the first part and planning on building the rest of having a neat white list tool to manage NFT and airdrops.

Whitelist Tool  showcase

How it's made

Next.js is used for frontend developmnent, while Moralis is being used for web3 authentication and saving new whitelists to the DB. Finally, Tailwind CSS is used to style the components and make the website user friendly. Moralis provides an easy and intuitive way to deploy dapps on several blockchains and makes the frontend building blocks very easy.