xNFTs is trust minimized cross-chain protocol using Connext. It can create native xNFTs and also can upgrade all NFTs into xNFTs. xNFT is locked in the source chain, and when tx is verified using Connext, the destination chain can mint or withdraw the corresponded NFT. It utilizes Connext and Nomad messaging protocol security. xNFTs is a very low-level protocol and module so that it can be extended to xNFTs Marketplace, Fractional xNFTs, and so on.

xNFTs - Crosschain NFTs - showcase

How it's made

xNFTs use Connext as the interoperability protocol. And L2 bridge is highly inspired by Arbitrum L2 token deposit; it uses create2 to create deposited NFT contract address counterfactually so that user does not have to deploy the L2 NFT contract by themselves. The minting NFT function utilizes Tatum API for other tech stacks, NFT metadata management uses IPFS, and web3 account connection integrates wallet connect.