NFT projects are one of the few cases where projects instantly get a hold of the full treasure specifically the primary sales of the NFTs. We see a gap in the market where projects and minters can benefit from more accountability, transparency, and clarity in the NFT launch. The NFT space is full of big commitments and promises. We want to push for a change in the narrative of the mint process and make it safer! At the same time, we give the opportunity for projects to increase their legitimacy and credibility. Opening up the doors to a trustless roadmap. The projects now need to meet certain criteria and hit milestones before gaining access to the treasury. As a holder, you’ll get to be part of the minting process by more active governance. Check out the demo here:

NFT Safe Launch showcase

How it's made

We build the project using Typescript, Solidity, UMA Optimistic Oracle. We've created an easy way to extend your mint contract to make your roadmap not rely on trust, but on set conditions. We've made it possible to incorporate governance via a snapshot vote triggered to the minters. -Send xDAI to UMA -Setup conditions (I.e. your roadmap of airdrops, donations to charity, sending off a BAYC) -Have your holders vote at 50% minted supply if they still believe in the project or if they want to abandon it.