Cameo is a browser extension that lets you manage your identity on the ceramic network. You can create new DID, update your profile and login to DApps using Cameo. Just like Metamask manages an Ethereum account for you, Cameo manages your DID on the Ceramic network and lets you safely connect to any DApp requesting your details.

How it's made

Cameo is a chrome browser extension, its built using Ceramic, identity-wallet and IDX libraries with ReactJS. The extension connects to the Ceramic network (provider of your choice) and lets you manage your profile. The object is injected to the chrome webpage so that all DApps can query and access your details. Since Ceramic DID is a collection of objects, you can store anything from images to URLs so now your DApp profiles can look flashy, no more hex addresses to greet you, get your profile picture on your favourite DApp :)

Technologies used