Decentracraft is Minecraft on the blockchain within the Decentraland universe.


Decentracraft would make traversing the DCL more fun and rewarding. Players would move all around the DCL universe to play games and finish tasks, collaborating together to harvest resources needed to craft items that would make harvesting more advanced resources possible. Decentracraft would be governed through DAO where MANA holders would decide on what resources and crafts would gradually be added to the system, their price in MANA, and their scarcity. Decentracraft is looking for enthusiastic team members, with solid programming experience, in addition to digital art experience. If you don’t have those experiences and still want to collaborate with ideas, please feel free to do that as well. Game Mechanics: Land owners would import games that have Decentracraft enabled into their parcels. They would be paying for resources with a discount, like a wholesale, and then monetize through micropayments by players playing the game on their land, or through ads or sponsorship. Landowners would also need to buy crafted items from players to be able to harvest more advanced materials (like an oil drill to be able to enable harvesting oil). Example: Archery Casino can have Leather harvesting, so a land owner would import Archery Casino and purchase 5000 pieces of leather at a price of 1000 MANA, 0.1 MANA a piece. Then players would pay to play the game, 1 MANA for example, and depending on their score they would receive certain pieces of leather, for example 5-7 pieces of leather, which leaves land owner with 30-50% profit. Then the player can play another game on another land to harvest another resource, like wood. The player can then craft something out of leather and wood, like tent. Tent would then be needed by landowners to deploy ancient school to make ancient knowledge available.

How it's made

Its using decentraland sdk, ethers, truffle, erc1155 from enjin, and more. Decentracraft started in one of decentraland's hackathon's and has been developing ever since on the path to becoming a full fledged offering. Currently decentracraft is being used to build nft projects that has launched.