Decentralized Office offer users access to CrossChain Saving to earn on Defi Protocols (AAVE, COMPOUND, UMA etc using local currencies) using FIAT(user deposit and our smart contract auto select best protocol to invest group fund), decentralized Image/File storage API, and lots more. ImageServer section will give developers friendly API and web interface to host file directly to IPFS decentralized storage. User can upload image from web or API (which support image and file upload via Image URI, Image URL, Base64 format, etc.). The Credit Unions (Esusu) section of the office gives users the ability to join forces and channel capital into savings and earn higher interest in stable currencies. Generally Decentralized office is made of 3 main features. 1. Saving to earn on Defi Protocols. 2. ImageServer(Decentralized file storage/streaming). 3. The Credit Unions (Esusu) Saving on group to earn more.

Decentralized Office showcase

How it's made

Build with NodeJS with IPFS API,, AAVE API, UMA, SOLIDITY and most importantly our CSS 😂. User connect their Ethereum wallet using METAMASK to interact with the smart contract. We believe Ai con be applied to the contract to select best protocol to invest user funds automatically.