This project stores binary data into ERC20 transactions, this binary data can be arbitrary or can point to JS code uploaded to IPFS. With this tool you can create hidden smart contracts using Javascript. All the transaction information for this contracts are hidden into ERC20 transactions, and can be only retrieved using the key. Using redis as db, it will recreate the contract state to the moment and you can connect to it using a CLI tool.

ethFM showcase

How it's made

The amazing stuff about this project is that you can hide a lot of data in the blockchain, and write contracts without fearing that miners or anyone else can read the information inside. It does so by using Steganography. We encode Buffers of data as ERC20 transactions, the ERC20 and the accounts that will send the tokens will be stored into a key file. This keyfile is just a .png image that has data stored into the pixels of the images. With this keyfile you can post raw data, but you can do more than that. Radio lets you publish Javascript code and function calls for this code. Inside this JS code you can use Redis command to store or retrieve data, (this commands will be replied in the "15" db). The transaction history will be replicated each time you need to access information, as the transaction and contract data is hidden in ERC20 transactions We have an Smart Contract system that is completely hidden from miners or anyone else that doesn't own the keys

Technologies used