Flavor provides a simple, low-risk way to bet on your favorite assets. When you win, FLAVOR stablecoins appear in your wallet as a reward. And nobody loses - you can always withdraw at least what you've deposited. First, choose one of the selected cryptocurrency assets that you predict will increase in price. Exchange USDC for FLAVOR tokens corresponding to your selected asset. Deposited USDC earns daily interest through yUSDC yEarn vaults. Once a day, the Flavor contract determines which of the supported cryptocurrency assets has had the largest daily price increase by percentage. Accrued interest earnings are rewarded via FLAVOR airdrops to holders of the winning token. These rewards only consist of interest earned, and do not deduct from deposited funds. FLAVOR tokens are fully collateralized by USDC and can always be exchanged for an equal amount of USDC. This makes FLAVOR tokens a fun and low-risk replacement for USDC in your wallet. showcase

How it's made

Flavor is built on a custom PoolTogether prize strategy for allocating prize earnings, Chainlink price feeds for determining winners, and the yUSDC yVault for earning interest on USDC funds. It also uses a modified balance function to show ones FLAVOR balance as being equivalent to the amount of USDC that can be redeemed by those tokens, instead of the "Pod shares" that would ordinarily be shown by the PoolTogether contract. This makes it easy to determine how much a FLAVOR balance is worth in terms of USDC. FLAVOR makes use of buidler, truffle, web3/ethers.js and uses a React front-end and Node.js backend server for the dApp. It also makes use of the Coinmarketcap API on the website to show prices.

Technologies used