I didn't get very far on this Hackathon Project. I really only got as far as updating the Audius Client w/ a new tab for Artist NFTs. --- The Karaokio Exchange enables users to: * Submit requests for new karaoke video files * Fulfill requests for lyric text files (.cdg) * Fulfill requests for instrumental track files (.mp3) * Fulfill requests for video files (.mp4) * Maintain playlist of all their favorite karaoke songs See here: for some more demo videos of related projects; I've been a little dormant for the past couple years due to other full-time employment.

Karaokio Exchange showcase

How it's made

At the time of writing I have a basic Flask App running on Heroku that converts files to mp4 video files using ffmpeg using AWS S3 for storage. I also have a proof-of-concept AWS Sumerian 3D/VR Room that plays karaoke youtube videos. * I'd like to upgrade this app to use Web3 and IPFS making it more of a dApp.

Technologies used

Audius Music