A USSD-Crypto Payment infrastructure startup that aims to promote financial inclusion in Africa by enabling easy access to a range of financial services including lending and payouts by non-profit organizations and Businesses By simply dialing a shortcode e.g. *99# on your mobile phone you get access to the App menu . You can select options to transfer funds, Withdraw to fiat and even buygood or exchange. Using web3 we're able to interface USSD to the blockchain bringing realtime onchain transactions to the traditional mobile money services

How it's made

This app integrates the accessibility of USSD and the security of blockchain to secure user's funds. The frontend utilizes USSD which is a text-based GSM communication protocol. The backend API's run on textile to secure user's data while the transactions run on Celo which is based on the go version of Ethereum using IBFT-POS for consensus to achieve 5sec blocks confirmation time

Technologies used

Filecoinlibp2pIPFSState ChannelsSolidityCompound Governance