A website that lets you set a budget for your crypto community treasury, track inflows and outflows, and manage your runway. The target user is someone managing a community's treasury. The current workflow for managing a community treasury is cumbersome. It involves (1) the community voting on Snapshot proposals, (2) treasurer + signers of multisig wallet executing what the community has voted on, and (3) the treasurer updating the budget on a spreadsheet to reflect what's been spent. My goal with is to make this workflow easier. I'd like to allow the user to be able to set their initial budget, enter their ETH address, track inflows & outflows, tag expenses, and assess projected runway. Eventually, I'd also like to add the option for users to make payments via Sablier and to earn yield from the tokens in their treasury.

How it's made

I built the site using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I deployed the site on Netlify by connecting it to my Github account. There are more features that I plan to add to the site after the hackathon. I want a user to be able to enter their community wallet's ETH address, automatically populate historical monthly income and outflows, and then tag income/expenses to create a statement.