Borrow at 90pct LTV, farm redemption fee yield from 150pct over-collateralized debt, pegged to 1 GBP: a Quid, made LiQuiD via NEAR as Trove collateral. Stability Pool depositors receive collateral rewards in proportion to their share of the LQD debt that gets cleared against the Pool. Liquidations and redemptions add or remove, respectively, LQD and NEAR in each individual Trove, proportional to its collateralisation.

LQuiD.LiQpaiD showcase

How it's made

This project uses AssemblyScript to implement a single smart contract on the NEAR Protocol, making cross-contract calls to a deployed NEP21 token and Chainlink contract feeding the exchange rates. The Liquity logic is Pareto-preserved, but the 20% having 80% functional significance was redesigned simpler.