We have created a public project negotiation and funds management platform on the public blockchain Ethereum. This includes legal documents stored on IPFS which contain the negotiation process and final terms, as well as minuet milestone management based on data sources and auditor approval This provides a platform where government funded projects can transparently be traced back, as well as allowing citizens, national and international entities to audit the bidding and fund spending process. It will trace out bidding fund spending and allow funding to arrive providers without intermediaries.

Lucidity showcase

How it's made

For our tech stack: we forked scaffold-eth and used buidler-waffles and ethers for testing and deployment of smart contracts, react app w/web3 components for frontend, and theGraph and textile IPFS for backend data management. I believe the two most notable parts are our copy of OpenLaw but with a multi bidder selection process in the frontend and on chain, and our use of gnosis conditional tokens to manage funding easily and allow for creative milestone combinations to fit any project. Our main project contracts are a ERC721 factory (where a new ERC721 is produced for each project, and tokens sold to bidders like notes), and an escrow factory that interacts with the gnosis conditional tokens contract and holds project funds. I was most impressed with how many sponsor technologies we were able to leverage in a useful way in this project, as well as the flexibility of the project for future building. It was a concern at the start that trying to tackle both bidding and funds management might lead to an inflexible product. We are still in the process of Kovan testing, however our contracts have full flexibility to work with any ERC20 token, and has the Aave CD vault already built into the escrow contract. Our demo was in localhost, so we weren't able to show that functionality but are looking to improve it in the future due to its easy repayment functions.

Technologies used

Ethereumlibp2pIPFSSolidityThe GraphGnosis Protocol