Americans are losing their vote because thousands of mail-in ballots are rejected for simple mistakes. These rejected ballots could prove to be critical for the election – particularly for battleground states. The number one reason ballots are rejected is because the signature on the ballot does not match the signature on file. By the time voters are notified their ballot signature was rejected, it is too late to do anything and their vote is lost. What makes matters worse, is that human signature judges are responsible for deciding whether or not the signature passes, creating a very error-prone process. myVote aims to tackle signature rejections right from the start before the ballot is ever submitted, ensuring every ballot is counted. We do this by proving both educational resources and error check-points throughout the user flow for the mannual mail-in ballots and user identity confirmation for the digital route which places vote data - PII on chain.

 myVote by Indigo Theory showcase

How it's made

Education - Clear and easy to understand video tutorials and gifs - Important locations and dates - Guided voting process ### Tracking - Physical ballot history - Ballot delivery attestation - Mobile notifications ### Online Voting - Proof-Of-Votre - Places (vote data - PII) on chain - Time-tested interface ### NFTs - Custom "I Voted" NFT for Elections - Triggered per ballot/UUID BIP39

Technologies used