Project Overview Many dApp platforms on Ethereum rely on incoming data feeds for basic processes. While on-chain dApp code is heavily debugged and run through audits and verification, it’s a significant challenge to do the same for the future of data coming in from external sources. Curating and Signaling Quality The whole future of the data feed and how it continues to operate in the context of the dApp and other interactions with the smart contract cannot be actually defined in the present. However, there may be a method to weigh the risks associated with different types of feeds and a system for matching types of feeds with types of dApps. Coordination of Teams dApp teams and companies associated with providing oracle services or using dApps have about as strong of an incentive to minimize the risk of fatal data bugs as possible. Therefore, we don’t at this time see a need for gamification of the curation process. The method we see for building a community that cooperates in curation of data feed listings and a system for grading them is simply handpicking and manual efforts.

Oracle Sandbox showcase

How it's made

The App At this time, we believe this app would work best through a sandboxing interface that visualizes data feeds and smart contracts. The interface would be composed of: An interface to drag and drop components simulating data feeds and smart contracts Forums discussing the elements associated with risk from data feeds Platform for coordination efforts between dApp developers, oracle professional organizations, and other parties that can contribute A backend logic that considers the risk associated with implementing certain oracles into smart contracts with certain elements and context

Technologies used