A personal token basket ETF FUND that desrisks investing in personal tokens. Personal tokens are rising and the increase will lead to large scale inflation and value collapsing. A personal token basket will be an optimal vehicle to speculate when there are 5000 tokens, but when every one has a personal token there are 8 billion people and maybe 1 million tokens trading initially. The value of these tokens will increase mainly because of their privilege to access to education and capital to create tokens.

PersonalToken showcase

How it's made

The project uses biconomy for gasless transactions on the testnet for deploying balancer pools, while using balancer smart pools to manage to personal tokens and the weight of the pools with the larger cap influencers gaining more allocation and the smaller cap influencers for the speculatory amount, and token sets to create the baskets of funds or small cap influncer pools to larger cap influencer pools.

Technologies used

EthereumBiconomy SDKBalancer Pools