photographers will upload their photos for commercial or non-commercial use for free and own the direction and future of the platform and their crafts.The pictures uploaded will be uploaded using IPFS. Photographers' Incentives: Governance and Utility tokens rewarded (act as currency and voting right). The tokens will be called (PHO). Photographers that uploaded the photos will be rewarded with a token (ERC 20) for each download. The tokens are used for voting for new features and direction of the platform and also as a currency to buy services provided in the platform. Layman's term: "decentralized Unsplash"

How it's made

the project uses simple tech offered by ETH community. Solidity for creating smart contracts, truffle, ganache, infura. we are planning on implementing IPFS in the future. We also used spring boot to deploy the back end of our platform to store photographers' accounts in our platform