Podcast Pools allows for podcast creators to capture value by having their fans lock up stablecoins into a no loss lottery where the prize is an NFT that represents that week’s episode. In this project, a no loss lottery is where users lock up Dai into an interest earning protocol in exchange for ticket tokens and a chance to win a prize. The no loss aspect is that the user doesn't lose their initial deposit, only the interest while their Dai is locked up. In this case, the prize for the lottery is an NFT episode from that week's podcast and the interest from all the Dai goes to fund the Podcast creator. If a user doesn't win that week's prize they are auto enrolled into the next week's prize drawing without having to do anything. Similar to Patreon, people can contribute to creators they support, but instead of directly donating money, they are instead giving the interest earned by their assets for a chance to win a tokenized episode. Currently deployed on Rinkeby Testnet Dai Address = 0x5592ec0cfb4dbc12d3ab100b257153436a1f0fea

Podcast Pools showcase

How it's made

Project Highlights: -PoolTogether v3 Contracts -ERC721 Standard for NFTs -IPFS for NFT metadata storage -Ethers.js -Portis Login -Server's Web3 Provider is powered by Pocket Network -Node/Express Server -React Frontend -Mobile Responsive Podcast Pools is built using Pool Together v3, which allows anyone to build a pool with their own unique strategy. In this case the prize is an NFT episode of the podcast and the interest from all the Dai deposited is given to the podcast creator. The metadata for the NFTs is stored in IPFS and the token URIs are formatted as so ipfs://ipfs/[ipfsHash]. There is a server that is constantly listening to Into the Ether's podcast RSS feed and when ever it sees that there is a new podcast, it uploads the data to IPFS and then it uses its private key to mint an NFT that references that data. The prize is given out every week and users must deposit Dai to the pool contract in order to get tickets for the next prize. One Dai will give you one ticket token. While added to the pool contract, the Dai is then locked into Compound to earn interest. *For more details and documentation, please view the project's readme linked below*

Technologies used

EthereumIPFSSolidityCTokensPocket NetworkPortis WalletPoolTogether