Orcawise - SalesTogether Orcawise monitor 300 million data sources (websites, blogs, magazines, events, newspapers etc.) for "buying signals" (information that indicates that an entity has the propensity to purchase certain products or services). This service is used by sales reps. Once a signal has been identified, (signal 1) the system requests members of the community to augment the signal with additional relevant information. Each time a member augments the signal with another signal (signal 2, signal 3, and so on..) the stronger and more valuable the signal becomes. Commercial Use Example: a sales reps is looking for buying signals (companies and people in the UK that have a propensity to buy his new data security product). The sales rep is monitoring all relevant data sources in London and suddenly receives a signal from the magazine Data Times that a UK Bank is embarking on a new data security strategy in 2021 - (S1 - Signal 1). The sales rep circulates the signal to the community and requests members to augment the signal with more information. A data security blogger Jack submits a signal that Graham Green, CIO, UK Bank is leading the new data security strategy (S2) and a professional speaker Jane submits a signal that the UK bank has invited Deloitte and EY to tender (S3) and a data scientist Sanjay submits a signal that he was informed by the UK bank that the bank will use a blend of data science and cryptography to design the new strategy (S4). With these four signals, the sales rep deems that this now a "strong signal" and is willing to pay e.g. €1000 to the four members that generated the strong signal.

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How it's made

sales reps -> need to deposit Orcatoken (or another ETH/Link/AAVE) to participate in the smart contract and use the app When the sales rep finds a relevant signal that the system suggests -> request for more information to the community the bloggers send add more value to this information, sending a transaction and participate in the smart contract when sales reps see that the signal now is useful, the pay of in token to the rest of the bloggers that help to create the strong signal the pay is in orc token or in the token that the user decides to use at the beginning

Technologies used