We have used meta transactions and decentralised oracles in attempt to improve UX for dapps. Idea is to let people interact with dapps and users can pay gas fee in any erc20 token and also via card. So private keys never leaves the device and users can start interacting with the dapps without the trouble of getting eth and managing gas fee.

How it's made

We have used Biconomy's API to relay meta-transactions to network and Tellor's Price-feed API to get on contract value for various ERC20 tokens and charge gas fee accordingly. Basically letting users pay gas fee in any erc20 tokens also by card payments. By allowing contract to transfer on user's behalf and using decentralised oracles to get on chain price feed to charge them in erc20. Also, we've a pay via card option such that whatever amount user deposits is mapped to their address on a contract and we use price feed API from Tellor to get exact value for USDtoETH, for each transaction they can be charged the same amount in USD instead of ETH or WEI.