The project is a Tokenomic warfare and space exploration game. You travel through the cosmos fighting and collecting and hopefully making profit as you go. The game uses Matic to offer lightening fast transactions that gamers have come to expect from games and it allows us to perform some complex traded of all the tokens that make up our galaxy. The first token is an ERC20 called SOLAR. Solar is the main currency of the cosmos and also, quite handily, doubles up as fuel to power your fleets engine as they travel from star to star. The solar is also used to buy equipment from markets and hopefully eventually will be used as a goverance token to manage decisions about the game e.g Balancing of certain items. SOLAR is mined from the core of planets, which leads us onto our next token PLANETS. PLANETS are the ERC721 representation of the ownership of planets in our galaxy. You can stake solar against a planet as each planet has randomly generated yield trait which essentially acts as a APY, rewarding you more solar for the longer you stake against that NFT. However, in this game, anyone can come and try to take your Staking Rewards and this is why you need to protect yourself. Introdusing Ships And Technology (SATs), this is the equipment of star cruisers and planet destroyers you need to protect your staking profiuts from pesty intruders. It can also be used to pilaging other PLANETs rewards. The choice is your on how you want to play the game. The map of the galaxy is created as the users explore it. Everytime you move to a new undiscovered star location a random event is triggered permanently setting that area in space as a ship wreck with abandoned ships you add to your fleet, a high yield star system full of pl, an asteroid field that destroyes your ships or an ancient God like race of aliens that wipes you out. You have to be prepared for everything.

Space-dX showcase

How it's made

The tokens I used are ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 that all have been ported to matic. Each PLANET is actually its own smart contract that can recieve both SOLAR and SATs. The battling all works in my testing files but I ran out of time for implementing it in the frontend. I have also ran out of time with integrating matic but that is what the porject was designed to utilise multiple standards in an economy based game. I am running out of time to upload this so I unfortunately will have to leave it here! This was my first ever large scale solidity project, I have had so much fun and learned soooo much. Thanks again!

Technologies used