😩 Deployment and testing could be sooo tedious before. With these tools, we get Ethereum-projects, which are easy to develop, manage, and maintain. We ❤️ these Ethereum projects: - Buidler with the Deploy plugin 👷 - Typechain 🔌 - ethers.js v5 - web3modal 🤔 It's still kind of tedious, though. We have to find where every contract is deployed and connect them to the correct Typescript class before exporting it. 🤩 What if we wired all of this together and automatically generated the Typescript, completely instancialized based on your smart contracts? What if all of these tools worked together in harmony? Enter our submission to the EthOnline 2020 hackathon: 🎻 Symfoni UPGRADED to Hardhat: Boilerplate: Plugin:

Symfoni – Gluing together Eth tooling showcase

How it's made

We're building an aggregated CLI across Buidler and Buidler plugins. This is done in Typescript. We automatically: - Create a React context that holds and keeps track of the state of the app - Initialize and make avaible to the developer; one instance and a factory for every smart contract in the project - create helper functions for combining web3modal, react, ethers and buidler.