Trade Finance Solution for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) The solutions allows the buyer / importer to deposit funds into the smart contracts. They will then be locked in the compound protocol in USDC in order to get interest and use this deposit as a collateral to allow the seller / exporter to take out a loan in its local currency. In order to do so, the seller has to prove to be trustworthy. This can be achieved in 4 steps and the proof will be stored on the blockchain: 1. Bloom decentralized ID & credit score 2. Approved Income Tax Returns Financials 3. Bill of Lading verification 4. Voyage complete event for settlement Depending on the resulting risk score, the seller can take out a loan between 10% to 50% of the deposited collateral. All proofs will be supplied via Chainlink oracles to the smart contract.

TrafiGuard showcase

How it's made

Frontend: React, Node.js, web3.js to interact Solidity Development: Truffle Suite, Remix, Kovan Testnet for Prototype, Visual Studio Code Protocols: - Bloom share-kit and smart contract bridge, - Chainlink external adapters, - Compound CTokenhandler & Comptroller - USDC stable coin for money flows and lending You can find sample transactions and references documented on our github page. We had fun in working together!

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityCTokensCompound GovernanceComptrollerBloom VaultChainlinkUSDC